Naked before dawn

Very early one morning in November 2020, another neighbour saw me naked outdoors. He arrived in his car while I was doing my morning exercises on my driveway. Without embarrassment I continued doing my exercises, as though I was doing nothing out of the ordinary. His reaction, if one can call it that, was simply to reverse his car into his own driveway.

Plastic pollution

For some time now, H&E has featured a Plastic-free CORNER column, written by Theresa O’Shea. With a strange disregard for consistency, H&E also sometimes features photos of models with boob implants. As naturists, we should celebrate the beauty of the many and various natural shapes of women’s boobs.

When neighbours see you naked

Very early one Sunday morning towards the end of the COVID-19 lockdown, my neighbour Gloria accidentally saw me naked. I’ve known Gloria for years. She must be 55 or so.
That morning, I slipped out of my house via the front door, imagining that nobody other than myself could be up and about yet — and she was standing next to the tailgate of her car. I suddenly realised she was there, but rather than retreat, I continued towards the corner of the house as though I hadn’t seen her. Gloria gasped softly: “Ooh!! I headed down the passage at the side of the house, towards the back garden, as I had intended.
When I returned to the front of the house, Gloria and her car were gone.
A couple of weeks later, I encountered Gloria out walking her dog. I was heading to the shops, she was returning home. She greeted me with “Good morning!” and a slightly knowing smile.
Since then, her behaviour towards me has been just the same as it was before she saw me naked.

“How will we ever go back to wearing clothes all the time?”

One of the most telling moments was when we returned to the villas after being off-site, disrobing to be more comfortable, one of the (hitherto) non-Naturist guests said, “How will we ever go back to wearing clothes all the time?”

BN Magazine Summer 2020, pp 32-33 — Ask the Family


How will those of us who have spent the spring and summer of 2020 naked the great majority of the time, under the COVID-19 lockdown, ever go back to “normal”? I haven’t spent so much time naked since my naked nine months in the womb. On three occasions I’ve been able to stay naked for a full seven days. Being naked has been delightful, yet it has become utterly unremarkable, especially when NIFOC. And I’ve had very little need to wash clothes.
Let’s find a way to make nakedness from the spring equinox to the autumn equinox our new normal.